糸鋸おもちゃコンテスト2012 Scroll Saw Toys Contest 2012

What is most attractive about the Scroll Saw Toys Contest is that all participants must use the same designated materials to create their works. The year 2012 marked the 7th holding of the Scroll Saw Toys Contest, with “rolling toys” chosen as the theme of the event. I won the Surprise Prize for my entry, which used the designated materials—wheels and shafts—in an unexpected way.

Making it more elaborate and sophisticated than previous works

The annual Scroll Saw Toys Contest is a great opportunity to exercise your skills you have learned during the year. Creating a craft that requires more skills than your previous works can bring you to a higher level of craftsmanship. My Surprise Prize winner has some lion silhouettes in the base and two elephants in the cube . An electric scroll saw is indispensable to cut curves in animal workpieces .

The internal wheels can rotate around the center shaft and along the rim of the circle frame.
本体サイズ 幅100×高さ100の球体+台座(単位mm)
It consists of a cube of 100 mm in width and height with a base.
Photo (lower left): Internal wheels (Mostly processed with a table saw)
Photo (lower center): Elephant . There are two elephants in the cube.
Photo (lower right): Finished work. See how small it is, compared with the tooth pick beside it.

DSC_0297.jpgサプライズ賞 受賞作品